A simple, unified approach

Why we created OneWealth

We’re a diverse group of experienced wealth management professionals, who felt driven to develop a “life wealth planning” concept that would work for each of us and our own families.

We wanted to develop a unified approach that reduced the typical conflict that comes from the traditional approach of taking advice from multiple advisers. Instead we want to provide you with a team of wealth management specialists who provide the appropriate advice to suit your stage in life.

    What drives us

    Our purpose

    We integrate expert investment advice and tax planning knowledge in the OneWealth ‘life wealth planning’ approach so that we can help clients understand and navigate through the changing phases of their life.

    It seems simple. However, we had to create this new concept and put it into action!

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      Making it easier for you

      The Power of One

      Our unified approach eliminates potential confusion and makes it easy to speak to your central contact, who then coordinates inputs from the expert adviser you need.

      It’s a bit like having your own ‘family office’ with the benefit of knowing your clear simple fee structure from the start.

      And if you need to speak to another specialist, we’ll add them to your team. So, it feels like you’re part of one team, one family and OneWealth!

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        What we stand for

        Our values

        Focus on family

        • We put your family at the heart of our work.
        • This means we focus on what family means to you – it could be your wider family of siblings and step relations or future generations.
        • We aim to help all your family generations to understand their financial options.

        Continuity despite unexpected changes

        • Short term changes are inevitable, whether in your family circumstances, taxation or financial markets.
        • Our focus is on helping you achieve your long term financial outcomes despite unexpected changes.

        Personal approach

        • We are committed to providing exceptional levels of personal service.
        • You will have your own adviser who brings together the combined power of in-depth investment expertise with extensive financial services advice to achieve your long term goals.

        Experience beyond knowledge

        • We use our extensive experience of financial markets, which provides more options than knowledge alone, to help you make effective financial decisions, for you and your family.


        • We have a real passion for investing and providing advice that benefits your family over time.
        • This is why the cornerstone of our communications is built on transparency, clarity and integrity which are key to building trusted relationships over time.

        What this means for you

        You’ll gain

        • Peace of mind that your investments are growing
        • Greater clarity for your life and wealth planning
        • A highly consistent experienced wealth management relationship which saves you time and costs
        • Simplicity and ease
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          OneWealth is powered by
          Tacit Investment Management and Lucus Wealth

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          About Tacit Investment Management

          In a world where most investment managers look alike, Tacit was created to focus on the needs of private clients and their families. Launched by experienced, like-minded investment professionals they focus on real returns and an awareness of the risk of a permanent impairment of capital.

          Tacit is critical of investment managers who prioritise managing short-term volatility, by overdiversifying portfolios and buying  complex and expensive alternative and illiquid financial products. Tacit aims to identify investment themes for each stage of the investment cycle. It then backs those themes, leading to a more focused, high-conviction, unconstrained approach to those investments they feel offers superior real returns in the long-term.

          Tacit are active managers who will reduce exposure to risk assets when market conditions indicate there is a serious risk of loss that could jeopardise long-term performance. Tacit will not try to avoid short-term corrections that regularly hit markets as these events often present opportunities for longer-term positive real returns.

          Read more at tacitim.com

          Lucus Wealth logo

          About Lucus Wealth

          Lucus Wealth was formed with the aim of helping businesses, individuals and their families achieve their financial goals by building lifelong partnerships with their clients, focusing on every element of advice to ensure their needs are met.

          Lucus Wealth works with you to create clear and precise financial objectives to work towards, aiming to reduce complexity and help you focus on what matters to you.

          As independent advisers Lucus Wealth has built a series of partnerships with leading groups to provide innovative solutions from the whole of the market in every area of potential financial need over your lifetime.

          Read more at lucuswealth.com

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