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The OneWealth approach

We understand that planning for the future can seem daunting, as you move through several phases in your life and wealth planning.

This is why OneWealth ensures you have the most appropriate financial inputs and support when you need them.

You’ll access a highly effective, simple and transparent process, giving you both clarity and peace of mind.

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A single point of contact

One person

It starts with your long-term adviser who is a senior director accountable to you at all times, and who has extensive experience of working with people like you.

Their OneWealth role is to draw in multiple co-ordinated and non-conflicting advice into your wealth planning at the appropriate times.

This saves time for you and expands your understanding and clarity in reaching your desired wealth planning outcomes. Importantly, this does not increase the cost.

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    One portfolio

    OneWealth has a totally co-ordinated and non-conflicting wealth management approach, based on extensive industry experience and understanding of what works consistently well for clients.

    You’ll enjoy the Total Portfolio Management process of managing underlying investments and respective tax planning for multiple family relationships.

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      A clear process

      One total portfolio management process

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      Your Investment Policy Statement summarises your thorough wealth plan

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      Your plan

      This is a start point that will evolve over time, as your needs and circumstances change

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      Achieve outcomes

      You’ll gain experienced input and expertise to achieve your desired financial outcomes

      Take an assessment

      See if OneWealth is right for you

      Answer a series of simple questions and we’ll ascertain if OneWealth is right for you and you are right for OneWealth.